In the pharmaceutical industry, sachets are used for all dry products and diet supplements. Thanks to a layer of aluminium as it has a high barrier against the external environment. Plus, laminates enriched with (WAHSAC) are perfect for packaging dry pharmaceutical products.

WAHREN PHARMACEUTICALS SACHET (WAHSAC) is a specially developed PET-based laminate film for pharmaceutical packaging applications.


Suitable for pharmaceutical formulations like effervescent granules, Bulk Drugs, Antacid liquid, and Sildenafil Citrate in gel form.


Pharmaceutical sachet 1

Salient Features

• This complex can also be available with printing and / or pouching option.
• Excellent print adherance.
• Available in both plain and printed form.
• Excellent heat resistance.
• Excellent machineability
• Lowest solvent retention.
• Non-Toxic
• Reduced leakage when packing products which dirty the sealing area
• Customized products and colours can be developed to suit the specific cases.

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    Product and Quality should be non-negotiable.