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Wahren Tropical Alu-Alu Foil (WAHCFT) is a laminate that helps to enhance the barrier of a conventional thermoform blister. The layer is added as a secondary base web, so it has no direct product contact but helps increase shelf life. High barrier against moisture, oxygen light, and gases.


Suitable for high Sensitive formulation.



Salient Features

• Compact size blisters compared to cold-form blisters
• Superior aesthetics
• Impermeable barrier to moisture/light/oxygen and other gases
• Maximum fracture-free forming capabilities
• Additional print surface and colors
• Lowest Solvent Retention.
• Non-Toxic
• Customized products and colours can be developed to suit the specific cases.


Tropical Foils are used as a shield over Plastic Packaging to protect moisture-sensitive products against moisture, oxygen, light, and UV Rays. It can be used for the packaging of various types of medicines. This laminate comprises OPA, Aluminium foil with Heat Seal Lacquer.

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    Taking medicinal packaging to a new level of excellence!

    Taking medicinal packaging to a new level of excellence!