Reliable Inspection

Ensuring excellence in every detail

At WAHREN, committing to quality includes providing high-speed, reliable inspection solutions for a wide range of quality control applications in pharma. We apply the same demanding standard to inspection and ‘Track & Trace’ system and software solutions we build for our customers.

Universal Testing Machine

Quality Testing

UTM is very high precision quality testing instrument. it provides solutions for tests on products or materials that require the measurement of their physical strength. As like Bond strength, Tensile Strength, COF, Seal Strength, etc.

Blister Forming

Sealing Machine

WAHREN has in house Blister Forming and Sealing Machine to check the cavity efficiency of Alu-Alu Foil with the help of various change part.


Analytical Technique

WAHREN has invested in the latest technology – Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy making Thermofisher a powerful analytical technique used to analyze materials across a broad range of pharmaceutical packaging, FTIR extends analysis capabilities down to minute particles for contaminant analysis or microplastic applications.


Efficiency Tester

WAHREN has invested in Stability Chamber to check Alu-Alu Cold form Blister foil self-life, Stability Chamber is used for this purpose in this industry. They help with the testing of drugs in varied conditions of temperature, humidity, pH, radiation, etc. They are also used to check for how long the product will last. The pharmaceutical industry deals with developing, researching, and marketing drugs that can prove helpful in medical science.
So we are checking the stability of Alu-Alu Cold Form Blister Foil at our end before giving our respective customers.

working environment

At our organization, we prioritize providing safe and hygienic working conditions for our employees. We maintain a clean and sanitized workplace, with regular cleaning and disinfecting procedures in place. Additionally, we control the humidity and temperature of the environment to ensure maximum comfort and productivity for our team. Our state-of-the-art air handling unit (AHU) helps regulate air quality, circulation, and temperature to create a healthy and comfortable working environment. We believe that providing a safe and comfortable workspace is crucial for our team’s well-being and helps foster a positive and productive work culture.

Safe and hygienic working conditions
Controlled humidity and temperature
Working under AHU

Revolutionizing medicinal packaging for the modern age

Revolutionizing medicinal packaging for the modern age